Welcome to Mountain View Christian School

EARLY REGISTRATION for 2022-2023:  Sunday, March 13, from 1-3p at the Kaos Fun Zone (315 Hepburn St., Williamsport).  There will be free access for those two hours to the Fly World, arcades and bowling lanes.  PARENTS can complete Registration paperwork and the family can experience fun activities as well as get together with other families.  Also, all will be able to meet our new administrator and teacher, Mr. Ramey.

Mountain View Christian School offers quality academics and a Bible-based education for children in grades PreK thru-8th. We seek to build a strong foundation both academically and spiritually.

  • Excellent PreK-8th academic curriculum
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Bible-centered teaching
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Outstanding results in student academics
  • Before and After School Care
  • Preschool starting at Age 4 
  • Quiet, Safe location
  • Home School + Program Now Available

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood next to South Williamsport Park, Mountain View believes that Christian faith and a love for learning are inseparable components of a good education.

Our small class sizes give each child the attention he or she needs to challenge and support academic growth. Mountain View's teachers are dedicated to building relationships in a safe warm Christian environment; and are deeply committed to educating and equipping students to reach their full academic and spiritual potential.

Every Friday is open to visiting students.  We offer a casual dress down day every friday and a free pizza lunch for all our visiting students!  Contact us today to schedule your visit!!

If you have a desire for your student to join us midway through the school year, please contact us to arrange a tour!

Construction has started on the New Building!  See the artist renderings below.

Swing by to view the progress! 



Full Shot Building