Pre-Kindergarten - Starting at Age 4

All of our teachers love children and enjoy seeing new milestones reached!

Mountain View helps cultivate and expand children's natural curiosity and love of learning, while introducing children to their Creator God. Activities and classroom time are specifically designed to stimulate, nurture and educate young children in a safe Christian environment. It is our goal to provide rich hands-on learning experiences to increase their knowledge and have fun!

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

We are dedicated to the early development of children through guided discovery and inspired instruction. We are proud to announce that we use CREATIONkids curriculum. It is a comprehensive, self-contained, digital curriculum that promotes the development of the whole child.

Comprehensive: CREATIONkids provides guidance for creating engaging environments; facilitating learning and growth; meeting the needs of the whole child; assessing progress and individualizing    instruction and experiences; growing spiritually, personally

      Self-contained: Teacher have access to:

          o  Research on effective practices in early childhood development and education

          o  Instructional Lesson Guides for literature, language, and pre-writing, math, science, culture and community, movement, nutrition, and Bible

          o  Resources such as a digital picture library with embedded songs and videos

      CREATIONkids is a one-of-a kind web-based, electronic curriculum.

    The eight principles of CREATION Health (Choice Rest Environment Activity Trust Interpersonal skills Outlook Nutrition) are fully integrated throughout

Checkout a sample lesson of CREATIONkids at http://ecec.nadeducation.org/creation-kids-curriculum/explore-creation-kids-curriculum/

In addition to the newly implemented CREATIONkids, we also supplement as needed, curriculum such as HighScope, Funshine Express Curriculum, Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC), Handwriting Without Tears, and a other materials for our curriculum. Our childhood centers are specifically designed to stimulate, nurture and educate young children. They help cultivate and expand children’s natural curiosity and love of learning, while introducing children to their Creator God. We provide a safe and nurturing Christian environment for these young children to grow and prepare them for kindergarten.

The curriculum is approved by our local conference office of education through our local Board of Education. All state and national standards and regulations for the care of children are met. Teachers are trained who meet local conference and state requirements for staffing.

Pre-Kindergarten parents have an option for 3 day course or the typical 5 day course. Both of our programs are FULL DAY classes.  The school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3. However, we do provide Before and After School Care beginning at 7:30am and ending at 5pm.

Contact the School Office to learn more about the Pre-Kindergarten program at Mountain View Christian School.