Our Academics

Educating Students for Success

Mountain View Christian School provides a relevant and Christ-centered education in an environment that fosters spiritual growth, academic excellence and personal service.

  • Before and After School Care
  • Pre-school Age 4
  • Kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Programs for Accelerated and Special Needs

Before and After School Care

Mountain View Christian School offers before and after school care. The hours are 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. It is available to students in grades PreK-8; and provides a safe, caring, fun environment.

Mountain View Christian School Academic Chart


Children get an excellent head-start with memorable pre-school years spent at Mountain View Christian School. Our Pre-school Program is designed to nurture and educate young children by engaging their natural curiosity and love of learning in a safe and nurturing Christian environment. READ MORE


We believe that kindergarten is a stepping stone between home, early childhood education, and the primary grades of school. Our teachers use an exciting faith-based kindergarten curriculum and activities based on national standards. Mountain View Christian School's kindergarten program is rich in literature and guides children to learn through their natural curiosity, exploration and discovery.

Integrated Christian Learning for K-8

Mountain View Christian School provides a solid academic program reflecting Biblical principles in everything we do. Here is an overview of Mountain View Christian School academics. For specific curriculum review and standards, contact us. We are happy to show you our program, as well as share our test results. 

Mountain View Christian School's Science and Health curriculum is built on a foundation of inquiry that encourages wonderment, questioning, collaboration, and exploration of multiple resources to conduct research and investigations. It is an engaging, innovative, and developmentally appropriate curriculum that nurtures children's natural curiosity as they explore the wonderment of God's Creation.

We take an integrated approach to Literacy for children. This area covers: reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, word study, phonics, grammar, and vocabulary. It meets all standards and works to grow children's literacy in all aspects.

  • Strong content knowledge
  • Effective communication
  • Solid Comprehension

Social Studies at Mountain View Christian School offers an understand of our world, from local to US and world history. We study people, places, customs and communities; and take advantage of field trips whenever possible.

Our Math curriculum was developed to emphasize analyzing and understanding the processes of math by teaching students to become thinkers. Interactive lessons utilize research-based instructional approaches and resources to ensure success for all students. Our math curriculum is designed to support the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points.

The study of the Bible and knowing God is an important part of education at Mountain View Christian School. We want to help each student develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understanding to serve Him and humanity.

Physical Education is a good opportunity for children to learn life-long lessons through playing together, teamwork and following rules.

Art education is integrated into other subject areas at Mountain View, as well as a separate course of study.

Students are taught both theory and performance in a variety of ways in our Music curriculum. We utilize hand bells, piano, guitar, recorders, boom whackers, and percussion; and take every opportunity to perform for each other and the community.

Modern Technology is used by students and teachers at school in order to facilitate learning. We teach children about how they can use technology to enhance interpersonal communications, get access to information, gain valuable research and collaborate. Students are also trained in moral obligations and proper usage.
Older students (grade 4) have the opportunity to participate in an annual state-wide robotics competition program.

Mountain View Christian School caters to each child's individual needs. We are prepared to work with families and children who are accelerated learners or who have slightly special needs. Each case is evaluated on a case by case basis. Contact us for a personal appointment. 

Mountain View's small class size (10:1) gives students the attention they need and deserve.