Dale Walker is coming to us from Tennessee and returning to MVCS where he first began his teaching.  More informatino about him soon!

Ashley Messick is our PreSchool teacher.  She brings a lot of enthusiasm to our school.  She has two children.  She has a passion for kids of all ages, and especially loves our little ones.  She has taught at MVCS since 2016.

Franklin Stahl grew up in this area. After receiving an Associate's Degree at Williamsport Area Community College he went to Walla Walla University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Besides being certified in elementary at all levels he is certified to teach secondary in six subject areas. He has a passion for history, music, and service. He has taught 35 years and been an Administer for more than half of those years. He loves the outdoors and playing sports. He is married to Kay and has three children.  He has taught at MVCS since 2011.

Joan Fulmer has been an extremely valuable resource and volunteer for this school for many years. She serves as a music instructor and accompanist, substitute teacher, supply's manager, janitor, lawn care provider, transportation driver, etc. She is married to Rich and their three children and several grandchildren have attended MVCS. Besides music she loves gardening and reading.

Jeff Fulmer is a graduate of our school. He has served on the Board for the past six years and as Chairperson the past two years. He has served on a number of Board Committees including Marketing, Finance and Safety. He has a BS in education and is currently administrator of Fulmer's Care Home, Lock Haven. He is married to April, also with a college degree in education, and they have three children.

Ana Cillo has been a creative resource and inspiration to Mountain View. She serves as School Treasurer and is a member of the Finance Committee. Beginning 2014 she will be managing the gift cards for student tuition program (Scrip). She is married to Tom and they have three children.

Emily Paulhamous has served our school for many years. She provides health and medical advice and has served on our Board and been involved on our Safety Committee. She is married to Arden and has two adult children and grandchildren.

Joel Perrotto serves on our School Board and is our designated Safety Control designee.  He ensures that our children are safe at school in all aspects.  

Bryce Hoffman leads our parent-teacher organization, the Home & School Association.  She is new to this position beginning 2017.  MVCS welcomes Bryce!

Rebecca Perrotto serves as our Vice-Chair.  She is a working mother of two.  She has provided a lot of creative ideas (including marketing) that have enhanced our school.  She encourages parental involvement in the school in various facets that include party meals, decorating, and fundraising.

Lynn Williams has been a faithful substitute teacher for MVCS since 2012.  She is a mother of four.  Her husband is a doctor in our area.

Ashley Albertson has been a volunteer with MVCS since 2015.  She has done our Yearbook the past several years.



The school is quietly located at the eastern edge of the South Williamsport community on the corner of Fleming St. and East Southern Ave. On our five acres we have an expansive outdoor play area, classrooms, kitchen, gym, library, health food store, and a community garden. New playground equipment was added in 2012, extensive indoor remodeling in 2013, and outside remodeling in 2014. Technology improvements have been added in the past two years that include smart TV's, mini-iPads for the students, Insight Mobi360, which compliment online desktops, all used for instruction. A new inquiry-based science curriculum, including lab materials is also utilized. In addition, staff-to-student ratio helps ensures the personal safety of the site.